Workouts And Yoga That Perfectly Work

Those people who are tired of looking at themselves getting larger as every year goes on but do not want to go to a gym to stay fit and healthy, and then this article is for you. To start your workout program in your home, you need some motivation, and you can get them in a simple way. Just get a full-length mirror if you don’t have one in your home. You must dress up yourself as you do while working out in the gym. However, you are at your home, and so you need not get embarrassed. Before starting your workout every day, you must have a look at yourself to get motivated. The below-explained workouts do favor in reducing your weight and so you must follow it to get the best result within a short span of time.

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A Few Workout Routines That Works:

  • You can start off with five pushups every day for the first two weeks. Ladies must perform full legs extended pushups and not on their knees. After this, they can start off with five sit-ups and it is optional. You can also perform crunches, having your legs straight in the air. Concentrating on pressing your lower back on the floor and keeping your eyes on ceiling is extremely important.
  • You can also perform plank position just for five counts. However, this must be done when you are in a push up position and you are supported by forearms and elbows. You body and butt should be straight, and this provides ample workouts to your entire body. You must stay in the same position for the count of five.
  • The last exercise is to do UP- DOWN, UP-DOWN…. This exercise can be performed for 5 to 10 minutes. Take adequate breathe and walk around until your heart calms down. Once you become normal, take plenty of water and appreciate yourself as you have done it.

One of the most important things is that you must practice these workouts consistently to get the best result, and you should not skip it even a single day. After two weeks, you can increase the counts by five which means that during 3rd and 4th week, you need to perform 10 push-ups, 10 sit ups, 10 stair steps and plank position for the count of 10. During your fifth and sixth weeks, you can increase the count to 15. By the sixth month, you will be doing everything for 30 counts.


Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Tones Muscles– yoga involves a lot of muscular stretching and flexing. Therefore, it tones muscles and gives you a good physical appearance. Toned and well-worked muscles mean more flow of oxygen-rich blood in the body.
  • Regulates Breathing – Breathing is a very important part of living. But, like we rush through everything in life we tend to rush through breathing as well. This weakens our lungs. Yoga regulates breathing by forcing us to breathe deeply and evenly. This tends to expand our lungs with air and provides optimum oxygen to the body. Healthy lungs make for a fit body.
  • Relieves Tension – daily tension tends to get to all of us. As such we feel harried and irritated. Yoga allows our body to get rid of all its worries and tensions. It is time to empty our minds of all thoughts except for happy ones. Pranayama and meditation are very effective in relieving our body of all kinds of stress.
  • Weight Loss – yoga techniques like Kapalbhati, pranayama and Surya Namaskar aid in weight loss. Regular yoga helps us better understand how much food our body wants and at what times. This leads to weight reduction for those who are overweight.
  • Inner Peace – in our fast-paced lives, we hardly have any time for ourselves. To understand your thoughts and see where your life is leading you, one needs some alone and peaceful time. Yoga provides this opportunity through meditation. It gives peace to your soul and helps you prepare to face yet another day.
  • Better Immunity–the best way to improve immunity is by getting rid of tensions and giving some exercise to all body parts. Yoga performs this twofold function seamlessly. When mind, body and soul are in sync, immunity automatically improves.
  • Flexibility– various postures of yoga push and pull are a body in such a manner that it makes you more flexible. Muscles and joints are all fine tuned to this effect. This makes for and improved posture as well.
  • Gives Energy – Yoga revitalises and rejuvenates not just your mind and body but, your spirit as well. It gives you energy and positive aura that sees you through the most stressful day as well.


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